My Story


Hello, my name is Kelly. I'm a healthy foodie, fitness-loving, best-life-building redhead.

Welcome to my new and improved blog {previously, redheadcooks} I'm so glad you stopped by!

My name is Kelly and I am a healthcare digital marketing + social media strategist by trade but a healthy foodie, fitness-loving, best-life-building wifey at heart. 

| I love food |

As long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with food. I grew up in a fairly traditional Irish-Italian family, where we pride ourselves on always finishing our plate. I am also really fortunate to have a family who believes in good food. My Mother never let a meal go by that didn't include at least one vegetable and a salad. My Father, a carpenter by trade, still adores tending to his garden. My Nana, well she puts Martha Stewart to shame and knows how to throw one heck of a party. I learned from the best. 

I originally started my Instagram to prevent my friends from being bombarded by my favorite meal-of-the-day...and to my surprise they encouraged more!

After being dealt some thankfully minor {but frustrating and on-going} health issues, I turned to food to fuel, nourish and heal my body. Among other things, I suffer from chronic migraines and live with high-functioning anxiety {first time I said that out loud, yikes!} - cooking and preparing beautiful, insta-worthy meals is amazingly calming for me. But as much as a I love green smoothies and kale salads, I also believe in not depriving yourself.

My goal? To make good, soul nourishing food fun AND easy! Nutrition doesn't have to be hard, in fact I've found it to be really quite simple the more I practice it. It's become second nature for me. And with my growing passion for nutrition has evolved a real love for fitness.

| A girl walks into the gym... |

I was never athletic or a 'gym-goer' but over the last two years I have watched my myself physically and mentally grow stronger than I ever imagined. A year out from our wedding I committed myself to weightlifting. I wasn't seeing the physical progress I desired from the various bodyweight training apps and programs that have infiltrated social media. I needed more.

My love for lifting quickly grew; it made me feel powerful, gave me a different kind of adrenaline than cardio and it became a huge stress reliever for me. That passion led me to explore competitive bodybuilding and before I knew it I had interviewed and contracted a coach to train me in all aspects of nutrition and training to prepare for my first season as a competitive bikini athlete. 

I am so excited to share with you my journey of self growth and self awareness, because food and fitness have really helped me come out of my shell and the changes I have seen in myself personally are SO easily attainable by others, it just takes that first step of putting YOU first and investing in what sets your soul on fire. 

| the blog |

So what will you find here? Well food, for sure. My favorite home cooked meals, the best of the best plates I’ve indulged in while dining out, some local faves, macro-friendly recipes along with nutrient-dense treats and of course some snaps from my life on Cape Cod. But I also want to use this platform for motivation and inspiration; a place where I can share my passion for fitness and healthy living without a filter and be totally 100% authentically ME. 

A few more minor deets:

  • I love wine - red, white, rosé - yup, all of it.

  • I believe in balance - as much as bodybuilding is a sport of exact nutrition, I have found ways to stay true-to-me and still hit my macros.

  • I'm a wifey - married my best friend, #1 fan and love of my life in June 2018!

  • I'm a proud rescue dog mama - sooo many shameless plugs for my forever puppy, Jax.

  • I'm also a professional beach-goer, coffee addict, avocado obsessed, constant learner, adventure seeker, sister, daughter, best friend and 100% not perfect, hope you're ready for some #realtalk.

Again, thank you all for the support, I hope I keep you entertained! Xo