Current Fitness Faves: Summer 2017

Current Fitness Faves: Summer 2017

So lately I have been so #BLESSED to connect with so many inspiring people on Instagram; many of these new friendships are what sparked me to revisit this blog that's been sitting here untouched since late 2016. 

Between my friends, family and Instagram tribe I have been asked so many times what some of my favorite products are.

Where I get meal inspo.

Who inspires my workouts, etc.

So in my first attempt to round up some of the people and things I'm crushing over currently, I wanted to take a few minutes to spread some love for those babes that inspire the heck out of me and the products I have fully integrated into my lifestyle:

1. Claire Guentz

Claire is as REAL as it gets. She is the definition of balance and I absolutely adore her. I had been following her {@claireguentz} for a while on my personal Instagram account, and when I made the move to start @redheadcooks, she was one of the first I followed! Her account originally caught my eye when I was researching Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide (BBG), but honestly it was her pure beauty and ability to juggle everything from fitness, balanced eating and looking cute AF in everything she wears that kept me engaged and following. 



So when I saw that Claire was beginning to track macros and incorporate more weight training into her routine, I was instantly inspired. Her progress has been remarkable and she's kept it genuine throughout it all. I've also gained so many hair and beauty tricks from her and fell in love with Fake Bake sunless tanner because of her blog, which you need to read: - like seriously, stop what you're doing and go check it out. She has been instrumental in my macros success {more on that later!} whether she knows it or not. Plus, through her Instagram and blog posts I found the fabulous Paola Marquez, who is next on my list!

2. Pao's Fit World

Paola Marquez of @PaosFitWorld is a goddess! Not only has she been an amazing coach and mentor but her programs are LIT. I reached out to Pao about 5 weeks ago when I was ready to take the leap into macro tracking. I had felt my progress had stalled, and even though I have been regularly seeing an amazing local dietitian, I was looking for a little something more. 



Since starting #MacrosByPao, I have seen my body transform in ways I couldn't have imagined. I tend to sleep way better, have more energy and am fueling my body properly for more intense workouts. I most recently purchased Pao's new HIIT Guide as well, because high-intensity training is such an amazing fat blaster - and when the workouts are 18 minutes or less, you really can't complain! Better yet, Pao is totally hands on. This isn't your average 'digital coach', she is readily available to answer questions and jumps into covnersations in the private Facebook group. Which is a whole other reason why I am crushing on her -- her COMMUNITY! Every single woman I have interacted with through her group is amazing, helpful and supportive. Such a win-win!

3. Julia aka @JumpingJackJules

I cannot say enough about the amazing Julia! We just recently connected on Instagram and I absolutely admire this chick. Like Claire, she is the epitome of real. She's constanly dropping serious self love knowledge and encouraging her followers to live their best life. I can connect with Julia on so many levels, especially when it comes to mental health and taking time to slow down and live each day to the fullest. Julia wrote an incredible blog post about what it's like to live with anxiety and I swear she was writing about my own life. And as a mental health professional herself, this girl knows her stuff. 



Aside from her encouraging and motivating personality, Julia just radiates joy. And she's also not afraid to show what goes on behind the screen. Instagram feeds tend to be a highlight reel - trust me I know, people like and engage with my pretty food pics or posed body transformations more than just a simple cup of coffee or my newly potted flowers. So yea, long story short, if you are in need of a serious reality boost and a gentle smile, be sure to follow @jumpingjackjules on Instagram!

4. Trader Joe's Vegan Pea Protein

Alright so what about products? One that I have recently incorporated into my daily nutrition practice is Trader Joe's new vegan, organic pea protein powder - and I have not stopped raving about it! Not only is it crazy affordable {unsweetened $11.99, vanilla $13.99} but it also has limited ingredients and is a perfect supplement for plantbased, gluten-free foodies.


Did you know that peas contain all nine of the essential amino acids, making them a complete protein?! Using organic, North American yellow peas as their raw ingredient, TJ's supplier uses a purified water extraction process to concentrate the peas’ protein. After pasteurization, the starches and fats are separated from the protein, the protein is concentrated yet again, and the concentrated protein is dried into a smooth-mixing powder. And in both unsweetened or vanilla, you got options!

The unsweetened is just that with pea protein isolate as its sole ingredient. The vanilla is sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar, and flavored with organic vanilla. Both are gluten free, vegan, kosher, and provide a whopping 20 grams of protein per serving...heck to the yes!

This has been a lifesaver in regards to helping me hit my protein intake. I've added it to my smoothies {check out this vegan blueberry pie inspired smoothe, here!}, my paleo pancakes and even overnight oats for an extra boost. 

5. Oatmega Bars

Tracking macros can be tricky at first, especially when you are like me and didn't really pay attention to much on a food label, aside from added sugars and calories. Now that I am more conscious of my protein, carb and fat intake, I've made it my mission to find easy portable snack options that I can use as pre and post-workout fuel. Enter, Oatmega


I am not completely plantbased, although I resonate with so many of the principles that support plantbased, vegan eating. I still enjoy animal products, but in moderation. And when I do consume an animal product, I try my damn hardest to make sure its organic, grass-fed, antibotic free and treated humanely. So when I found Oatmega bars on a whim at my local chain grocery store, I was immediately attracted to the packaging. 

Grass-fed whey - check!

Non GMO - check!

Gluten free - check!

Only 5-ish grams of sugar - check!

PACKED WITH PROTEIN - triple check!

My two favorite flavors currently are the chocolate peanut and vanilla almond, love both with a slather of nut butter too :) Learn more about Oatmega products, here:

6. Health Warrior

For those of you who don't know I am fortunate enough to be a Health Warrior Ambassador! I am a huge fan of all things Health Warrior - their organic chia seeds, chia bars and most recently their collection of pumpkin seed bars. So when they reached out and asked me if I'd be interested in joining their tribe the answer was a big ol' YES!



Health Warrior products are simple and to the point. The #1 ingredient is always a superfood, whether that be chia or pumpkin seeds - it truly is food that actually feeds AND fuels you.

With limited natural sugars, omegas, fiber and plantbased protein, I have enjoyed incorporating all Health Warrior products into my diet. One of my favorite ways?! Adding a chopped pumpkin seed bar to my morning yogurt bowls...LOVE!

Interested in trying Health Warrior yourself? Read their story and browse their products here: Even better, score 30% OFF all Health Warrior good with my ambassador code: REDHEADCOOKS30 - you're welcome!

Well this list could go on and on. There truly are so many people and products that have made a seriously positive impact on my life and wellness journey. I hope to share these round-ups often, BUT I also want to hear from you!

Have a fave product? Know a rockstar food/health/wellness influencer? Share the deets with me below, I can't wait to learn more about what inspires you!

- Xo Kelly

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