An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude makes us happier. 

And it makes us healthier. 

But you have to work at it. We aren't all wired to walk around positive, happy and bubbly all day -- at least I know I certainly am not. Struggling with anxiety can make the concept of gratitude even harder at times. No matter how much I know I have to be thankful for, there are those moments where stress or apprehension and uncertainity set in and take control over my mind. 

Since beginning to stregthen my practice and understanding of yoga, at the amazing Evoke Yoga, of Cape Cod, I have worked into my day the keeping of a gratitude journal. This amazing advice came from my teacher Jess, has really helped me see past the cloud that anxiety can often times bring. 

The benefits of shifting from doubt and worry to an attitude of gratitude are really mind blowing. Don't take my newbie word for it though, Happier Human has a whole chart you can dissect, here

As I become more mindful of the things big and small that I am grateful for, it's pretty astounding to step back and recognize the abundance of love and positivity already vibing through my life. It's motivating and contagious. 

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things, which pop up quite frequently in my gratitude journal - and invite you to do the same!

  • My fiancé: Point blank the single best thing that has ever happened to me in my life is finding, connecting to and loving this man. Michael is my rock, I don't tell him nearly enough. 

Finding someone who loves you for who you are, and who does so without question, is absolutely life changing. He has seen me at my worst; depressed, unhappy, with a lack of direction, and he is witnessing me now; working hard at my goals, trying to figure out this crazy thing called life, and bettering my physical and mental health. Every step of the way he has been my cheerleader. He doesn't complain when we eat dinner at 8:00pm because I extended my workout and he indulges me when I want fancy coffee drinks that are 25+ minutes away from the Dunkin' down the street. He doesn't care how little or much make up I wear, prefers me in yoga pants and a Patriots shirt and is the only man I have ever let see me with untamed, frizzy AF hair. TRUE LOVE. Oh and I get to marry him in 220 days!

  • My nephews, and honestly my entire family and soon-to-be-in-laws. 

I grew up extremely close to my younger brother, he is truly one of my best friends and honestly probz tied with Michael for that top spot. So being welcomed into a family where Michael and his siblings are equally close made me feel right at home. And even better, I get to watch these two munchkins grow up. I never knew quite what it would feel like to be an aunt, and let me tell ya it's friggin AMAZING. These goofballs keep me on my toes, laughing constantly and the Snap Chats I recieve can easily turn a bad down around in an instant. Plus how can you not melt when you see this brotherly love, OMG. 

  • The beach, living on Cape Cod certainly has it's perks!

I am truly blessed in this department. I've always been an ocean lover and have so many happy memories from day trips my parents would take us on to Watch Hill. There's something so calming about the water and the waves. And when you live just over a mile from it, there's really no excuse not to take a walk down when your mind needs a break. I was getting into the habit of daily walks to the beach and back; it racked up some pretty hefty steps early in the morning and helped me start the day refreshed. Looking forward to that again this spring, but for now, I'll settle for these amazing sunsets. 

  • My puppy, honestly need I say more?!

There is nothing better than coming home to a tail wagging and endless kisses. I lvoe that Jax sleeps in late like me and that he enjoys sweet potatoes and butter nut squash as much as his Mama! Let's be real he loves all food. Seriously, even spinach and kale. You should see how fast he runs when I open a fresh bag of greens. Totally meant to be mah dawg. 

  • My health and growing passion for fitness -- plus the friends I've made along the way!
fitness inspo

Creating my food/wellness-focused Instagram account was orginally to rid my personal feed of all my food creations and fancy plating attempts, but that quickly ignited my passion for wellness, nutrition and healing/thriving through exercise. I am constantly trying new things thanks to the amazing people I have connected with. There's something remarkably powerful when you mesh with likeminded people who support you and lift you up. 

A few others that are noteworthy: the fact that after nearly 30 years on this earth I finally don't hate having red hair and have used it in my branding; having the courage to start this blog even if I haven't written as often as I had hoped; a job that pays my bills and still allows me the work life balance to explore these creative outlets; etc. 

So what are you thankful for this year? What are you thankful for today? I'd love to hear!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Xo Kelly


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